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Business Law


Business & Corporate Law

Mark McManus has helped and represented thousands of people getting into business, staying in business, and getting out of business. Mark McManus has helped clients form new businesses such as Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Corporations and Limited Liability Companies. 

 He has provided advice and consolation to individuals in business, general and limited partners, shareholders, directors, officers, members and managers. Mark McManus has assisted in annual registrations and dissolutions. Mark McManus has guided and assisted clients in buying or selling their business including stock sales, and asset sales. Mark McManus has assisted clients with key man provisions, stockholder agreements, contracts, and litigation. Mark has the training, expertise and knowledge to assist in the valuation of businesses.

Mark McManus has experience in real estate law including sales of personal and business property, land partnerships, zoning issues, easements, and land disputes.
In addition, Mark McManus has handled thousands of real estate and business transactions including contract review, title examination, resolving all pre-closing issues, preparing the settlement statement, scheduling the closing, conducting the closing, dispersing all funds, balancing on all files, reconciliation, filing deeds, issuing payoffs, reviewing files, and scanning files to archives. Mark McManus has managed a staff of one title examiner, and four paralegals. Mark McManus has closed over $100 million in real estate transactions with no losses. Mark McManus has been elected to numerous Home Owner Association Boards. He has represented and advised numerous HOA Boards, and has personally owned a real estate management business.

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