Divorce & Family Law

Divorce & Family Law

Mark McManus offers experienced legal counsel for clients facing divorce and other family law issues. Our attorneys have experience representing divorcees for over 25 years and are well-known throughout Georgia for our excellent litigation skills. Mark McManus has practiced law throughout Georgia appearing in over 50 different counties to assist his clients.

Before filing for a divorce in Georgia, you must meet the residency requirement, which is having lived in the state for at least 6 months. There are 13 grounds for divorce in Georgia, including 
  1. Irretrievable broken (no-fault)
  2. Intermarriage with a close relative
  3. Mental incapacity
  4. Mental illness
  5. Impotency
  6. Marriage was obtained through force or fraud
  7. Wife was pregnant by another man and the husband was unaware
  8. Adultery
  9. Desertion for a year or more
  10. Crime of moral turpitude
  11. Cruel treatment
  12. Habitual intoxication
  13. Habitual drug addiction

 When you retain our firm, we will go over the process with you and file all the necessary paperwork for you.
Some of the issues that may come up in a divorce are child custody; child support; visitation; domestic violence; paternity; division of assets and property; division of debts; relocation of one or both parties.

Divorce can be a very emotional time, much like a death in the family, and many people need counseling to help them get through the grief and/or hurt. We will help you get through this traumatic time in your life.

After a divorce is final, unfortunately issues will arise such as relocation of one or both of the parties, remarriages, changes in circumstances, financial changes, children graduating High school and turning 18, or one party not following the previous order. We can help with all of these issues.
On January 1, 2007 Georgia enacted new child support guidelines that considers the income of both parents. Many factors go into this new computation of child support including rules for when one parent does not work, or is underemployed. Factors such as tips, bonuses, overtime and commission must be considered. Other children in the home as well as other children being supported is also considered. Who pay health insurance for the child/children and how much is considered. Expenses for child care, and extraordinary expenses for the child/children are considered. How much time the parents will have is considered, as well as travel expenses for an out of the area parent. With our experience we can navigate all of these factors to arrive at a fair amount of child support. Please contact us for any assistance you may need.

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and I will never forget you for all you have done to help us.”
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